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As a microbiologist, my interest towards actual microorganism is actually at a minimum level. Probably some of you already know this, I'm more into molecular stuff than the living organisms itself. But seeing microbiology being applied in fashion, especially high fashion, actually piqued my interest. These are old stuff, but seeing I just discovered it today, I have a feeling most of you haven't even known these yet.


I don't know much about Martin Margiela or his fashion house (which apparently isn't in his hands anymore), save for he is extremely secretive and the designs were really avant garde (the Resort 2012 and Pre-Fall 2012 collections are drool-worthy, though).

In 1997, he held his first solo exhibition in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
Eighteen dressed dummies represent all previous Martin Margiela Collections (Spring 1989 up to Fall 1997). Garments chosen from each season are specially reproduced in whites, creams and greys. A collaboration with a prominent Dutch Microbiologist Dr. A.W.S.M van Egeraat, Professor at the Wareningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands. Each outfit is treated with different strains of bacteria, yeast and mould, all isolated from the air and nurtured to provide varying colours and textures. Over the first five days of the exhibition these organisms develop on the clothes and, once their gestation period is complete, change the colour and aspect of the garments.


He Wears It 001-024

He Wears It is a series of paintings done by John Woo. Depicting characters from the popular culture, mostly from Star Wars or D.C. Comics, wearing apparels from contemporary fashion houses such as A.P.C., Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, and Comme des Garcons. This series attracted much attention, and in June 2011 Woo got a solo exhibition of this series in Kyoto.

All images from John Woo's blog. Prints can be bought at his Etsy. This post contains 23 pictures in the He Wears It series, there is one missing, He Wears It 021: Lt. Aldo Raine which can be viewed here in a really low quality.

... Not Healthy, but Very Funny

All images are made by an anonymous artist via her tumblr. If you want to put these images to your tumblr, kindly click through the images and you'll find the original post from the artist's tumblr. She also has a wordpress blog for her arts.