Minimalist Creativity

It's not an exaggeration to say that today fashion bloggers is everywhere, people all around the world who has a wardrobe and an internet connection could easily be one. Some are good, some prove that money (or branded clothes/accessories) can't buy you style, some are painfully generic, and yet, there are few who are able to prove that style is something more than just buying and wearing fashion products.

with DIY Sliced Shades

Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics is most definitely one of those few fashion bloggers who has the ability to truly inspire. Her blog is a collection of her minimalist personal style, minimalist creations, and other aspects of her life, which all are pretty much minimalistic. I love how her outfits are a pleasing mix of high-end, thrift, and self-made pieces, how her hobby is turning hardware store things into jewelries, and how amazingly she transforms perspex into wearable accessories.

with DIY Leather Skirt

When I showed her blog to my sister she said, "The world needs more people like her," it's no wonder why, she's such a gifted creator and not another fashion consumer on the blogosphere.

DIY Foil Lunch Bags

DIY Transparent Cuff

All images are from Love Aesthetics and original posts of each pictures can be found by clicking-through these pictures.


  1. Thank you Arkasha for your this post and your sweet words! Your Tumblr is one of the few I follow, also because you post images that aren't blogged 21987637865 times before :)