Music Roundup

When will The Killers stop making songs that make me want to cry? Their new single Runaway is a cliche eloping love tale, which I personally have no belief in, told in really damn sweet way. Its foolish, adolescent spontaneity felt so right (yet so wrong, LOL) probably because it reflects the reckless decisions we (us post-teenagers) don't dare to take anymore, for one or many reasons.

There's pretty much nothing new with the kind of music they produced, but that's why I like it, they're good and they keep making good things instead of taking risks (which could result in awful stuff, sometimes). It's still good old rock with a Vegas glam touch. I'd prefer a video with a story, like When You Were Young, but there's nothing wrong with this video, either, since Brandon is getting more Hollywood-movie-star-esque handsome by the year.

Another highlight-worthy video I found yesterday morning, when I was at my worst of moods (still am now), it instantly lightened up my day with a cinematic rendering of violence and feminism. As much as I love Antony Hegarty's voice, seeing Willem Dafoe and Marina Abramović in one video is what excited me. My only complaint for this video is that the knife wasn't visibly bloody after the deed. Why can't we have more blood?

I would've included Super Junior's Spy but since SME is trolling us by not releasing the MV yet even 4 days after the MV teaser ... :( Boo. The song's actually pretty cute (it's playing right now on my laptop) but overall my favorite new song from this repackage album is 하루 (HARU).

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