I am Unbelievably Shitty with a Camera

... Everything's so fucking blurry. Actually I can say it's artistically and intentionally blurry but whatever. I can't be fucked about the focus of the camera because I didn't have my glasses on (I have astigmatism). I think the camera (it's my sister's) actually have an auto focus mode, but I remember she once said that the auto focus is fucked and I really didn't want to try every mode on the camera.

Well, I took these after I got home today, I was rather sweaty (and shabby, and oily) and the room was hot, so please understand why I so can't be bothered about the camera. The shirt's already so wrinkly, but believe me it looked so good when it was still smooth. The whole ensemble gives a Yohji Yamamoto Menswear Spring 2012 vibe to me. Me likey.

Shirt: My sister's, most likely from a department store.
Skirt: IDK I think it used to belong to my mom or my aunt so let's call it "Vintage", no?
Sandals: VNC I bought probably 2 years ago on a sale.
Ring: IDK it was my mom's and she gave it to me.

Wow I honestly don't remember when is the last time I bought any kind of clothing item or accessories. I used to splurge on t-shirts but now I don't like it as much anymore. But there has never been any occasion that makes me need to buy new clothes, or new anything. I'm not the type to buy new things if there are still others I can use (but my money mainly goes out for snacks and bottled drinks~). I'm planning a wardrobe makeover though (bye t-shirts), so maybe there'll be more of this kind of post in the future.

PS. I can't believe I forgot to mention I hate my hair. I tried to trim it but the girl @ the salon cut almost 20 cms of it when I ask for 10 cms.

PPS. I can't restrain myself when it comes to Kinokuniya, bought the Kafka earlier today, the Yotsuba&! last Sunday @ Gramedia.

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